Saturday, December 25, 2010

Of Not Updating

Disclaimer: This entry is bound to have a lot of spelling and typographical errors. It is also bound to be a tad incoherent. Why is that so, you ask? Well, my dearest reader, it's because I'm fracking drrrrrrrunk!


First things first. If you're wondering why I haven't been updating my blog, you must know by now that I have bouts of erratic mood swings. Sometimes, I'm so happy I feel like I would burst. The result of this is blogging to share the joy. My ideas easily crystallize, therefore making them easy to articulate. However, there are times when I feel extremely low. Yeah, sure. I blog when I'm sad. But when I'm really really REALLY down, I refrain from writing so that I can prevent myself from immortalizing any emo shit I spew out.

So there. You now have a better idea of what the past few months were like for me. I have a few entries. I have yet to recover them or posting.

See you more often. :)


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